THIS is the best way to stop procrastinating #shorts

It works 99 times out of 100 and it's The closest thing that I found to a Magic Bullet when it comes to beating Procrastination and actually getting Things done so here's how it works when I have something that I know I need to Do and I've made it a priority by Blocking it out on my calendar when the Time comes to actually do it I give Myself two choices if I've set aside Time to read I'm allowed to read or do Nothing if I'm supposed to be writing Well I can write or I can sit there and Stare at the wall and do nothing and so Inevitably I'm gonna end up doing the Thing that I need to do maybe slowly at First maybe with a bit of resistance Maybe fighting it every step of the way But sooner than later typically within About five minutes I find myself doing The thing because again the alternative Of just doing nothing is just so much Worse

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