This weird marketing rule will help you sell WAY more #shorts

The marketing rule of seven now Depending on your business or Market or Your industry depending on if you're Selling something for low dollar value Or high dollar value it's kind of Universally agreed that for somebody to Make a purchase decision or someone to Take action and actually buy from you They need around seven touch points Which means seven engagements seven Interactions with your brand you can't Simply put something in front of them One time expect them to buy and then Call it a day you're gonna have to do This multiple times if it's expensive It's gonna be seven to fourteen that Rule of seven is important because it Forces you to not give up too early it's Just like when you're looking at these Statistics around sales and you realize That most conversions most closes for Sales happen after like five rejections Or five follow-ups five emails five Extra calls it's rarely pretty much Never the first time same thing goes With marketing

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