TikTok What’s Next 2023 Trend Report

Tick Tock released their what's next 2023 Trend report and we're going to Break down the most important things for You to know about it as a business owner In today's video Tick Tock said Throughout the last 12 months the Global Tech talk Community reimagined Entertainment they shared real personal Stories that brought communities Together and helped others discover new Ways of thinking brands of all sizes Across the globe from hashtag Tick Tock Made me buy at favorites to Global car Manufacturers have created all kinds of Content on Tick Tock to engage their Communities today we're launching a tick Tock what's next report 2023 our third Annual Trend forecast designed to help Marketers understand how consumers wants And needs will change in the upcoming Year and what that will mean for their Strategies both on and off Tick Tock From fun to functional this new report Will focus on unpacking long-term Tick-Tock first cultural forces the Underlying signals that show how each of These come to life and the implications For Brands to succeed on the platform so This report basically breaks down into Three main parts starting with number One actionable entertainment Tick Tock Says on Tick Tock content is curated Based on what communities find Entertaining in fact four and five users

Say tick tock is very or extremely Entertaining this means that when Advertising messaging is delivered like An ad but loved like entertainment Brands can see incredible business Results and I agree with that 100 people See ads all day every day if it looks And sounds like an ad it's most likely Being tuned out by the viewer but if it Looks and sounds like something Entertaining that's a whole new ball Game Tick Tock said in the U.S Elf Cosmetics tapped into the power of Actionable entertainment and captured The community's attention within feed Advertisements that felt fun engaging And native to The Tick Tock Community They effectively doubled spending month Over month and dropped acquisition costs For their add to cart strategy by 56 Percent for brands of the most effective Messages on Tech talk are uplifting Funny and personalized or entertaining Their audiences Brands can build on this Entertainment value by using editing Techniques like syncing sounds to Transitions or adding text overlays Which are effective at keeping viewers Attention so again I'm not surprised to Hear those kinds of results from this Strategy because I think this kind of Advertising is the way of the future ads That don't really sound like ads the Second biggest takeaway from the report

Is making space for Joy Tick Tock says There's no shortage of self-care advice And initiatives out there yet people are Still burning out so they're seeking Meaningful self-care amidst an endless Cycle of public health issues burnout at Work and personal hardships Tick Tock Fosters endless opportunities to spread Joy in among Tech talk users who took an Action off platform as a result of tick Tock ninety percent said the platform Makes them happy and never gets boring This is key for Brands looking to make More meaningful connections with their Audiences in 2023 messaging on Tick Tock And Beyond should align with the Community's desire for levity and Empower them to make more room for joy In their lives whether it's the growth Of meme culture culture providing a Language for people to bond over humor People sharing well-being life hacks Everyday strategies that Empower people To make space for themselves whenever They need or a Creator highlighting how They reward themselves at any budget Level people are dedicating space and Time for joy in the way that best suits Them this makes a lot of sense to me and Probably does to a lot of you watching And given everything that's happened Over the last couple years and Tick Tock Shared an example they shared that EA Games capture this brilliantly in a

Recent campaign that raised awareness For their in-game Sim session concert Series The Campaign invited users to Make videos that put their own creative Spin on singing in the games native Iconic simlish language the result was a Uniquely fun opportunity that mobilized Passionate Gamers to share organic Content and attract new interest to The Sims game creating Tick Tock content That helps people carve out joy for Themselves or even provides Joy through Humor relaxation and relatable points of View could be the difference for brands In 2023 so again traditional boring ads That sound like the same as we've heard For the last 40 years are not going to Cut it anymore relatable points of views Like Tick Tock is talking about in this Report are going to be what make ads Successful going forward now before we Get into the last takeaway from this Report first I want to mention that if You'd rather have professionals handle Your digital marketing for you from top To bottom so that you don't even have to Worry about it we do that for small Businesses every single day so I will Put our contact link below in case you Want to learn more alright takeaway Number three is community built ideals Tick Tock says Tick Tock communities are A Cut Above the Rest because they're Specific and that's what helps them

Thrive at scale sharing hyper Niche Interests help people bond with each Other from there they broaden each Other's Horizons Tick Tock is not a town Hall meeting it's a collection of tiny Clubs where people can find new ideas on How to explore their passions and live Their lives in fact Tick Tock is 1.8 Times more likely to introduce people to New topics they didn't know they liked Compared to traditional social platforms And as people seek out ways to break This status quo they'll look to peers And role models who demonstrate the Confidence to live life the way they Want to people use tick tock to start Conversations in their community and Find unique answers to satisfy their Every curiosity and it's not just about Learning and aspiration it's about Individuals from around the world coming Together to build a like-minded Community built on shared ideals and Interests and the inspiration that comes From them eBay leaned into this by Cultivating a strong following with Sneaker heads as the ultimate Destination for buying and selling the Coolest shoes eBay partnered with tech Talk to leverage voting stickers to ask The Tick Tock community directly to show Love for their favorite shoe and their Annual sneaker Showdown eBay's sneaker Showdown drove engagement by encouraging

Interactivity with the voting stickers And users showed up 1.2 million users Participated in the poll and the Campaign delivered a 54 lift and comment Rate the sneaker talk Community which Sports over 1.1 billion views globally Is just one example that underlines the Value and engagement of how people come Together on Tick Tock and creators play A big role in community building and Pioneering creative content after Watching Creator content more than two In five people on Tick Tock agree that It made them feel like a part of the Brand's Community to connect with Viewers brands should tap into niches And not be afraid to get specific once a Brand understands its key groups it can Then amplify the voices that Define them And augment those honest authentic Conversations that people care about I Think this report is spot on when they Talk about the power of Niche Communities when small business owners Come to us for marketing help a lot of Times the reason that they haven't seen Success on their own yet is because Their target audience is either too big Too vague or it's the wrong audience the Further you can narrow down and hone in And create content for a niche audience The more success you're likely to Achieve so please like subscribe and Ring the notification Bell for more

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