Top 2023 Marketing Strategies That Will Help Your Business Get Attention

Hey there my friend Adam here and today I want to share with you five proven and Profitable marketing strategies that you Can use to create marketing that works Gets results and that you can use to Grow any business that you apply them to Whether you’re just looking into Marketing your business for the first Time or you’ve been doing this for a While now but still aren’t quite happy With how things are going the tips and Tricks and strategies that I’m going to Share with you here are going to give You the Boost you need to get to the Next level so with that said let’s dive Straight in with marketing strategy Number one a little something that I Call Call Me Maybe also a real quick Note before we dive into that this video Is not sponsored but it is supported by Those of you who have signed up for the Digital marketing Academy so I’ll make Sure to put a link to that in the Descriptions below as well as to the Other tools and resources and software That I share with you as we go through This video okay let’s dive in look Here’s the deal no matter what kind of Business Market or industry you’re in Every customer or client that you serve Has a preferred form of communication in Other words the way the customers want To engage and interact with the business Varies from person to person sin and

Sometimes even changes from day to day Depending on where they are or what they Have going on for example some customers Want to be able to buy or apply or do as Much as they can through online forms Without ever having to talk to someone For others they like being able to reach Out to customer support through social Media or maybe by sending a Facebook or WhatsApp message or tweeting to the Company others prefer email others text And SMS and others like being able to Pick up the phone and actually talk to a Real human this is why one of the most Powerful and profitable things that you Can do to increase your sales and your Conversions is simply add another form Of contact to your business giving Customers a choice for how they want to Connect and engage with you now I’m not Saying that you need to do all of the Different kinds and forms and styles of Communication after all that would be Exhausting and overwhelming and it’s Pretty much guaranteed that at least a Few messages are going to slip through The cracks but if right now all you have Is a phone number then maybe try adding An email address or an online form if All you have is email then try adding a A chat widget or a way for customers to Send you an SMS or a text or if all you Have is a telegraph and Morse code Machine oh hang on I think it’s coming

Through Well then adding pretty much anything Else is going to increase sales okay Next let me share with you a way to Automate this entire process as well as A few of your other marketing tasks Through something I call autopilot Marketing even though the present state Of robot powered vacuum cleaner still Makes me feel relatively comfortable That we’re at least a good few years Away from robots taking over the world And eating all our steak Foreign there are still some things that Artificial intelligence and automation Can do really really well and one of Those things is helping you automate Your sales and marketing tasks so they Can bring in new leads and new customers And new sales around the clock even when You’re not there in fact I’d even go so Far as to say that recent changes and Advances in Automation and artificial Intelligence have gotten so good that They’ve changed the way that marketing Is done so on that note I’ve got two Pieces of software that I want to Introduce you to ones that I use every Single day the first is something called Metricool that I use to schedule and Analyze social media content posts and Ads so if creating and posting on social Is taking up too much of your time then I’ll put a link in the descriptions

Below where you can get started for free Today again not sponsored but I like it And it helps next is a software called High level which I’ve used with every Marketing agency that I’ve built since It was introduced the things that you Can do here and automate are pretty cool Like automatically replying to messages And walking a customer through a Complete marketing funnel and a ton of Other things now there is a learning Curve to it but the rewards are well Worth the effort so I’ll put a link to That Below in the descriptions as well That’ll give you an extended free trial Okay next it’s time to talk about offer Optimization if you’re looking for one Of the most powerful and fastest ways to Turn your business around or start Generating more sales and revenue than You ever thought possible then it all Comes down to taking a look at and Optimizing the offer that you’re making In other words what is the product or The service that you’re selling to Customers and how are you packaging and Presenting it for example if you sell I Don’t know something random like say Solar panels I have no idea where that Came from well the amateur marketer Business owner entrepreneur sells the Actual physical tangible solar panels Here’s what they are here’s how to get Them and here’s the long list of

Technical specifications behind solar Panels but the professional marketer Knows that the real key to long-term Success as well as maximizing customer Value and business profitability comes Down to highlighting things like this The long-term cost save things of not Needing to use so much external power The status increase that comes from Being an eco-conscious consumer that Cares about our planet making it easy For the customer to buy and get them Installed quickly and helps to reduce The risk by providing guarantees or Showing that they’re a trustworthy Company with good reviews and great Testimonials time spent here working on And crafting your offer and how you Package and present it to your customers Is one of the highest leverage and Highest return on investment activities That you can do and you can make it even More effective by using this next Strategy which is connect and convert Most businesses entrepreneurs and Marketers fall squarely into one of two Very different camps the first Camp is The all value all the time camp where They’ve been told that the key to Success is to just give and then give And then give and then give some more uh Hey buddy what you what you doing I’m Just over here trying to give as much Value as I possibly can

Then on the flip side in the other Camp Is the all offers all sales messages all The time people who are always out there Basically asking and begging and Pleading and convincing and queering and Manipulating in anything they can do to Make that sale uh hey buddy what you What you doing just over here making as Many offers as I can So which approach is best well as you Can probably already imagine neither Side is best and the balance is Somewhere in that middle ground the gray Area the neutral zone the DMZ of Marketing this is because the real Secret to success with business and with Marketing is making enough content that Helps you connect as well as making Enough offers that help you convert now I admit the all value all the time give As much as you possibly can approach Certainly sounds good at least on the Surface after all it’s hard to criticize Someone who’s just out there trying to Help people and if you’re willing to Play the long game and sacrifice Short-term profit and short-term Revenue In order to build up trust and loyalty And brand awareness and Goodwill and all Of those things it’s not a bad way to go But seeing as you’re in business that Also means that you’re going to also Need to make money you know to survive So how’s it going I’m really hungry

So at some point you’re going to need to Make an offer tell people what you have And why they should care how it could Help them and how they can buy but if Sales isn’t your favorite thing don’t Worry I’ve got a few ways to make it Easier and more fun and more profitable Too and that’s what this next strategy Is all about so let’s talk about how to Use brain science to make more sales now Brain science also more commonly known And referred to as psychology is the Study of the mind and behavior and when We apply it to business into marketing It helps us to understand why customers Buy why they don’t and what we can do to Help guide them in the right direction And there are a lot of very cool and Very powerful psychological triggers and Buttons that you can push including Making sure to mention your most Important points first and last as this Takes advantage of something called the Serial position effect which is the Tendency to recall the first and last Items in a series best and the middle Items the worst it’s also why things Like testimonials and case studies and Other forms of social proof are just so Incredibly important as they take Advantage of something known as the the Bandwagon effect which is the tendency For people to adopt certain behaviors or Attitudes or Styles simply because other

People are doing it but these are just a Couple psychological triggers that you Can use so to help you make even better Marketing I’ve added a few more as well As some of my top marketing strategies In this video right here so make sure to Check it out now and I’ll see you in That video

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