Twitter Card Validator: How to Use Twitter Cards!

Whether you know it or not we've all Seen Twitter cards while scrolling on Twitter if you don't know what they are How to use them or how to use a Twitter Card validator you're probably not Making the most of your Twitter Marketing but don't worry I'm breaking It all down in this video so keep Watching what's up everybody welcome Back to the channel I'm Brandi with Life Marketing the digital marketing agency With a mission helps small businesses Grow real quick like subscribe and ring The notification Bell so you don't miss Any of the marketing videos we put out Every week that can help you grow your Business alright so today we're going to Talk about what a Twitter card validator Is and how to use one but to answer the Question what is a Twitter card Validator you first need to know what a Twitter card is so what is a Twitter Card Twitter cards are the design and Structure that make links and tweets More appealing and easier to understand If you've ever seen a link shared on Twitter and notice that the Tweet shared A preview of the photo URL or video like This or like this then you've seen a Twitter card the cash here is that Twitter does not automatically create These cards upon seeing a URL and a Tweet you have to first input code on Your website so that when someone shares

A link from your website on Twitter the URL appears in the form of a Twitter Card these are the different types of Twitter cards Twitter summary card Twitter summary card with large image Twitter app card and Twitter player card A summary card includes a title Description and thumbnail a summary card With a large image includes everything The regular summary card does with Surprise surprise a large image the app Card includes a direct link to a mobile App to download and the player card can Show video audio and other media now Before we get into how to set these up I First want to mention that if you'd Rather have professionals handle your Twitter marketing for you from top to Bottom we do that for small businesses Every single day so I'll link our social Media Management Services Below in case You're interested alright let's go over How to set up Twitter cards Twitter Claims it takes less than 15 minutes to Install the codeness necessary to Display your website links as Twitter Cards so let's see if it's true first You need to determine which Twitter card Type you want to use and then add the Corresponding meta tags for that card Type to your website here are the pieces Of code you'll need to install on your Website for each Twitter card type and By the way we do have a Blog going over

This as well so I'll link that below Because if you pull up our blog on this Then you can copy and paste these codes And just adjust them from there so to Start out add this code to the header of Your web page where it says summary Either keep it a summary if that's the Card type you want or change it to Summary underscore large underscore Image app or player for the other card Types then to credit your Twitter Account you'll want to input your Username in this code then insert a Title of your web page that is 70 Characters or less by using this code Then include a description that is 200 Characters or less to summarize what This page is about then include the Image URL you want to appear on the card With this code make sure that the image Is less than 5 MB in size and has an Aspect ratio of one to one dimension of 144 by 144 and pixel size of no more Than 4096 by 4096 for summary cards with A large image you can use all of the Same meta tags we just went over except You'll need to change the card type like This and then you can add your website With this code large images still have To be less than 5 MB in size and have a Maximum of 4096 by 40 96 pixels but they Can have an aspect ratio of two by one With minimum dimensions of 300 by 157 Now moving on to the third card type

Here are the meta tags for an app card So you can see what all these tags are Starting to look like together if your App is available to download in Different countries outside of the US Add this meta tag as well to Define Which country then include these three Codes of text to define the app Name ID And application URL in the App Store These are additional meta tags you can Add if your app is iPad compatible The Meta tags you use for your app available In the Google Play Store are close to The same so you can see what those are Here the photo uploaded to the app store Or Google Play must be less than 1mb in Size and then lastly here are the codes You can paste into your website and edit For player cards so again you can see What all of this code will look like Together on your website so now with all Those codes out of the way let's finally Answer the question what is a Twitter Card validator a Twitter card validator Is a tool that checks your Twitter cards To make sure that they're validated and Working correctly after you've put in All this hard work installing codes on Your website you can make sure that They're functioning correctly by running Your card URL through the Twitter card Validator the reason Twitter cards are Important for small businesses is Because they do two key things for you

Make your tweets more likely to get Favorited and retweeted and make your Website more accessible thus resulting In more traffic for you from Twitter Setting your website up to produce Twitter cards will make your tweets that Much more impactful now some of you may Have clicked on this video because You've tried all this and your Twitter Cards still aren't working so how do you Fix your card on Twitter first you'll Want to make sure none of the meta tags Are broken and that they provide Twitter With all the information needed to Produce a Twitter card if that doesn't Solve the issue Twitter's development Platform has a troubleshooting guide to Help you fix your card on Twitter so Please like this video if you found it Helpful and subscribe and ring the Notification Bell and I'll see you guys In the next episode

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