Types Of Logos

Types of logos to build your brand Different logos offer different Advantages here are nine types of logos To choose from number one pictorial Mark Visual graphic that illustrates the Brand name or what it does like apple or YouTube number two the word marks Type-based logos with the name front and Center like Coke and Tiffany number Three abstract marks geometric logo Forms with a focus on uniqueness like Nike or Pepsi number four mascots logos Using characters to represent the brand Like KFC and MailChimp number five Combinations logos using a mix of all Previous examples like Lacoste or Mercedes number six letter marks logos Using letters to represent initialism Names like LG or IBM number seven letter Forms single letter logos depicting a Broader name and identity like Netflix Or Facebook number eight emblems logos Using quests badges or seals to contain The mark like Harley or BMW and number Nine Dynamic marks logos to change shape Colors or text like Nickelodeon or city Of Melbourne different brands have Different strategies know your options And Choose Wisely want more brand Strategy hit the follow

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