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Foreign [Music] Power bi is a business intelligence tool For data management visualization Development to do the enterprise-wide Reporting and Analytics It’s a One-Stop shop for all the Analytics need for data acquisition to Data cleaning to data representation It has three main components first is The power bi desktop that we were going To use here in this course second is the Power bi query which is helpful for the Data management querying the data and Cleaning the data it is also a part of The power bi desktop but enabled only When we go inside the power bi section By going through a proper options Third is the power bi service or is an Online service where on the web or on The cloud you can create the power bi Reports and dashboard and this is a paid Version So a question which comes in every Beginner’s mind is that is power bi Worth learning and here we will look at Couple of reasons or couple of points That will help answer it So the first point is that power bi is Part of Microsoft business intelligence Stack which has already thousands of Customer therefore enable easy adoption As you know Microsoft is having quite a Legacy when it comes to developing

Application especially around the data Intelligence or business intelligence And thousands of customers like Presented here have already adopted this So this new tool is getting the easy Adoption in these existing companies The second point is due to power bi Microsoft has got the leadership Position in the Gartner magic quadrant As you can see this is the magic Quadrant that we have in which Microsoft Has the leader position in past couple Of years Microsoft was present somewhere Here but as and when power bi has got The popularity Microsoft position has Reached to the top Let’s look at the third point that its Licensing cost is very low as compared To its peer like w and click sense here Is quick comparison in for power bi Pro You need to pay 9.99 per month for Tableau you need to pay whopping 70 Dollar per month and for qlik sense you Need to pay 30 per month so licensing is Also in favor which is a crucial Criteria for company before adopting any Tool now let’s look at the fourth point Is that power bi interest over time in Google Trend seems to be in line with W Is or W has been the leader in the space Of data visualization and business Intelligence and here if you see over The past five years from November 1 2015 We have this power bi where the interest

Was quite low but over a period of time The interest has increased quite Significantly and right now trending it Above Tableau and now let’s look at the Fifth and final point is that the strong Backing of excel based Community who has Naturally moved on to the power bi as Their next level skill development and Here you can see quick statistic which I Have got it from the power bi Community Where how many topics you have on the Desktop how many topics you have on the Services where people have asked the Question and the community has replied To their answer and it’s increasing day By day so because of all these five Reasons I believe that power bi is worth Learning it has a strong scope and a Strong vision for the future for the Development of the business intelligence Application [Music] [Music]

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