Why customers trust brands like Apple and Coca Cola #shorts

The mere exposure effect is the Psychological phenomenon that says we as People as humans we associate frequency With trust so the more often that we Show up in front of people the more Often that they see us the more they Know us the more they like us and the More that they trust us this kind of Stems back to caveman days where if we Saw something enough times and it didn't Try to kill us or eat us we assumed it Was safe well all of that programming All of that evolution is carried forward To today so now when we see things again And again and again we naturally start To like things more because we're Familiar with them they're less scary And therefore we're more likely to trust Them this is why following up is so Important this is why making sure that You've got a solid email marketing Strategy in place is Paramount at the Very least however I'd say that you Should be shooting for three emails a Week kind of at minimum

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