You need to be making WAY MORE content #shorts

Unless your business is doing a billion Dollars a year or more there's more that You can do it's crazy when I hear about Someone that thinks that well look I'm Already posting once a day on Instagram Or I'm already making one YouTube video A week or I've got a podcast I'm pretty Much maxed out so if you're in let's say The health and fitness industry this Massive multi-billion dollar industry in Your business is doing a million year Two million a year 100 Grand a year Whatever it is you haven't even Scratched the surface for what you're Capable of doing and for the amount of People that you could reach so you could Go from one post a day to five posts a Day you can do two videos a day you can Start other channels you could have Other podcasts you can make that broader You can go for Discovery ad platforms Like Facebook and Instagram where you Can put things in front of people that May potentially be interested there's a Lot of ways the best piece of advice of Everything that I could give you here is Really you just have to do more

There Are 3 Ways To Launch Your Business Online

If You Pick The Wrong One, It Could Cost You Everything...

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